Crowd control:

For shopping centres, private and public events, parties and sporting events.  Trust your large-scale event to Challenger Knight. We use customer-focused crowd control methods and non-aggressive interventions. We are experienced at identifying potential incidents before they occur.

CCTV security systems

and body worn cameras: state of the art technology that keeps your business under a watchful eye.  All of our staff carry a personal camera on their person, for evidence collecting and extra monitoring capacity.

Industry Leading Security Guard Services:

Our security guard services are available for all of your residential and commercial needs.  We use only trustworthy personnel who are highly motivated and professional.

K-9 Assistance unit:

with 25 dogs that are specially trained German Shepard’s and Rottweilers, known to be the most intelligent and disciplined dogs available.  Our specially trained dogs are ready to assist our personnel and guard your property. With their keen senses, they are able to detect and chase intruders with ease. They are a highly visible and valuable deterrent to would-be intruders.

All of our staff are fully licensed and operate under the Security (Protection) Industry. Affordable and accessible for any sized business, speak with Challenger Knight Security for professional  security guard services. We are proud to have kept Australian properties safe for the past 18 years.

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