Crowd Control Services

Excellent crowd control by security guards is a non-intrusive presence, that only becomes visible to make it apparent to crowds that they are in good hands.

A positive rather than negative influence, positive crowd control is able to make the patrons feel relaxed and enjoy themselves, rather than edgy and slightly nervous.

Conversely, when individuals in the crowd become threatening or aggressive, an experienced crowd controller will know how to anticipate this happening and take the necessary actions.

Firm But Fair Crowd Control

Normally this process begins with a warning, done quietly and confidently. This normally will stop any incidences of inappropriate behavior, without any force being required. Challenger Knight always use minimal aggression techniques, and have experience with negotiation, prior to taking any physical action.  Heavy handed crowd control is a thing of the past, and Challenger Knight believes that if people are treated fairly and with respect, they (most of the time) reciprocate in kind.

We understand that the patrons are the lifeblood of any organisation.  And so when neutralising risk, we couple this with a thorough understanding of customer service and human behavior. Where there is opportunity for patrons to redeem themselves and behave appropriately, this chance will be granted.

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