Static Guards

Statistics indicate that one of the best deterrents to would-be intruders and vandalists, is the presence of a static guard.

At Challenger Knight Security, our guards are anything but static. They are actively vigilant, proactive and remain in a state of alertness throughout their shift. They are the cream of the crop and exceptionally adept at detecting disturbances and possible threats.

Whatever your needs, we have it covered. From 24 hour on-site static guards, to a night or weekend presence and reception duties. If you require security protection during opening and lock up, we can help you too.

Key Duties

  • Remain on site, with up to 12 hours of active patrolling and surveillance.
  • Perform regular foot patrols of the entire area including storage containers, office areas and highly important zones throughout the area.
  • Use high powered lighting and torches to alert would-be intruders to their presence.
  • Able to work in a diverse range of settings, from reception desks, to graveyard shift security booths, shopping centres and office buildings.

Speak with Challenger Knight Security about how we can help, with a security guard services plan that will put your mind at ease, with trustworthy, reliable and motivated static guards, who care about their job.

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